The Med-Stone has many great qualities that the traditional stones do not have. They are:

  • The stones take less than two minutes to heat up and last for up to two hours per charge.

  • The stone only gets hot on the bottom and the top stays cool so the therapist does not burn their hands.

  • Can be used over clothing and directly on the skin with any oil or cream.

  • No need for a bulky stone warmer.

  • Are extremely portable - great for the therapist "on the go".

  • The Med-Stone "Max" is adjustable: On the low setting the stone can be used as a placement stone and on the high setting it can be used as a tool to get heat deep into the muscles.

Components of the Stones
Battery: The battery is a Lithium Ion battery similiar to the battery in a cell phone. These batteries are specifically designed to work with the thermostate in our heating element in the stone. Each battery lasts up to 500 cycles. The batteries last up to two hours per charge and take four hours to recharge. Extra charged batteries will allow the therapist to conduct back-to-back massages all day!

Charger: Similiar to a cell phone charger - small and compact. The light on the charger turns from red to green when the battery is fully charged.