From the red rocks of the desert southwest, has been created the essence of this unique massage stone.

Sedona, Arizona has long been hailed as one of the planet's most spiritual, mystical and metaphysical locations.

The intense beauty of its red-orange colored landscape can be attributed to the mineral rich soil. Sedona soil contains high concentrates of Iron Oxide (Fe2o3) and Magnetite, which contribute to its geomagnetic currents and mysterious vortexes. These minerals are also known for their healing properties.

The natural magnetism of Sedona red earth, used in our unique new massage stone, is beneficial in:

  • Balancing the energies of the body.
  • Magnifying healing properties in the human body by connecting with the chakras in our internal grid system.
  • Aiding in the movement of cranial-sacral fluids.
  • Stimulates the Temporal lobes. Magnetite, which our own bodies contain in our inner ear, is believed to stimulate the Temperal lobes of the brain inducing dreams, memories and inner peace.

At Med-Stone Enteprises we have gathered red rocks from protected private lands of Sedona, Arizona.

These mineral rich stones are crushed and sifted into a fine powder that we then add to our stoneware to create these truly unique massage stones.

The "Sedona Stone" has all the great functions and benefits of our original Med-Stone, infused with the mystical magic of the southwest!

The outer shell is non-porous, any lotion, cream, oil or cleaner can be used on the stone without harming the glaze.  This stone is ergonomically shaped and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and all sides can be used for pressure point therapy.  The stone reduces therapist fatigue in their hands and increases client satisfaction. 

The Med-Stone "Sedona" comes with one stone, one rechargeable lithium ion batter and one charger. The Med-Stone Sedona's benefits include:

  • Stays hot for up to 2 hours per charge
  • Stone is handcrafted and made from earthen stoneware and has a non-porous glaze
  • Stone takes less than two minutes to heat, lasts for up to two hours per charge and takes two minutes to clean.
  • Stone only generates heat on the bottom half, allowing the top half to remain cool and comfortable for the therapist’s hands.
  • Stone can be used directly on the skin with any cream, oil or lotion and can be used over clothing.
  • Stone is extremely portable - bring a “warm stone infusion’” anywhere. Great for the therapist “on the go”.
  • The "Sedona Stone" has all the great functions and benefits of our original Med-Stone, infused with the mystical magic of the southwest!

How it works:  The two halves of the stone are held together with our new “pressure-fit gasket”. To open, hold the stone in both hands and pull the top half from the bottom half. Once open, connect the battery that is in the top half of the stone to the heating element in the bottom half of the stone. Close the stone. Within two minutes, the bottom of stone will heat to approximately 130-135 degrees, allowing the top half of the stone to remain cool and comfortable for the therapist’s hands. Always test the heat of the stone prior to using on your client and dissipate the heat on a cloth to lower to desired temperature. Once the stone has contact with your client, keeping it in motion will provide a consistent, perfect heat of 125-130 degrees, the desired temperature for traditional hot stone massage. Since the stone is naturally slick, oiling the stone is not necessary. Simply apply limited oil, cream or lotion to your client prior to using the stone.  Once the massage treatment is done, simply open the stone and disconnect the battery from the heating element. Remove the battery and place on the charger. Close the two halves of the stone and simply wipe the stone with a cloth using a Broad Spectrum Disinfectant or any cleaner and you are ready for your next client. 

Battery:  The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is similar to the battery in a cell phone. These batteries are specifically designed to work with the thermostat in our heating element to prevent overheating.  Each battery lasts for up to 550 cycles. The batteries last for up to two hours per charge and take four hours to recharge.  Purchasing extra batteries will allow the therapist to conduct back-to-back massages all day.

Charger:  Similar to a cell phone charger in that it is small, compact and plugs into a standard outlet. The light on the charger turns from red to green when the battery is fully charged.