There are several reasons why The Med-Stone is different than other products:

  • The Shape of the Stone
    The unique shape of The Med-Stone was not coincidental; however, it was very important in creating the perfect massage tool. The stone is ergonomically shaped in order to use the pointed side of the stone to work the small curves of the body and the trigger points. The larger end of the stone is to work the large muscles and to get deep within the muscle. The Med-Stone Mini fits right in the palm of your hand and glides easily over the skin, while our Med-Stone Max is our multi-purpose stone that allows the stone to work as a placement stone or a worker stone with adjustable heat to penetrate the muscles.

  • Handmade in the USA
    We at The Med-Stone makes each stone by hand using the highest quality stoneware. Stoneware is made from a natural clay body and still possesses elements of the earth and is a great conductor of heat. Each stone is unique to itself and may have suble variances in color, texture and shape that will not affect the functionality of the product.

  • Fast and Easy Cleaning
    Cleaning of The Med-Stone takes only a few minutes and is much easier than cleaning the traditional Basalt stones. The Med-Stone is coated in a hard, non-porous glaze and can be cleaned with Broad Spectrum Disinfectant or any cleaner of choice. Simply remove the battery or the freezer pack from the stone, apply the cleaner to a dry, clean cloth and wipe the stone clean! You are done cleaning and ready for your next client.